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Bond.Com Super Bonder

Bond.Com Super Bonder

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Bond.Com is our super bonder! It is designed to seal the lashes after application, making it the actual bomb for long lasting extensions. It is formulated to ensure a strong and secure bond between the natural lashes and extensions.



    • Increases retention up to 30%
    • Little to no fumes 
    • Suitable for sensitive eyes
    • Seals glue to natural lashes
    • Rids any fumes from eyelash adhesives
    • Quick drying time (2 minutes)
    • Suitable to use on all eyelash extenson types


    • Wait 3 minutes after you have lashed your last lash extension of the set
    • Apply 1 drop onto a microfiber brush
    • Apply to the lash extension points of contact containing glue
    • Allow to dry for 3 minutes
    • Brush & fluff as usual!
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